To contribute to overall development of Bangladesh through achieving the targets of the MDGs. To reduce water-born diseases and child mortality through safe water supply, increasing sanitation & hygiene practices in rural and slum area.

To provide special assistance to orphans, widows, refugees and destitute section for their self-reliance and empowerment.

Mass Education for Non-Formal Primary Education (NFPE) to reduce illiteracy among the target peoples. This will be undertaken of priority basis.

Mass Awareness program on democracy practice and rights, implementation of disability school, good governance, livestock development to contribute national economy.

For mother and child health care, an HIV/Aids protection program providing necessary training motivation and necessary health service. Integrated agriculture development program to assist the poor farmers

To conduct Research to find replicable and innovative models for better improvement of our development activities. Training program shall be improvement to develop the skill and capacity among the target peoples as well as for staff development.

WATSAN Program to ensure safe water and 100% Hygienic latrine among the target community peoples. Social Forestry program to assist to maintain ecological balance and to save biodiversity.

To assist toward livelihood and food security create the provision of self-employment among the target peoples. Protection and preservation of human rights specially women child rights. Small business Development among of the poor.

Poorest of the poor will get first priority. Group and institution building at grassroots level. Empowerment of community. Strong relation and coordination with stakeholders. Coalition network mobilization and advocacy. Experience and expertise sharing. Learning from community. Encouraging research and innovation and expertise. Co-operative and supportive to government development program.

Participation gender diversity and participation capacity building alliance coalition and network shall be addressed as crosscutting outcomes. All project proposal to be designed and implemented as per local context having participation of community which will be feasible manageable and overall cost effective.

Women development.

Disaster management and climate change activities.

Disaster management and climate change activities.

To increase disaster awareness and preparedness at the disaster-prone area, reduce suffering of disaster victims and help them to recover normal life with emergency relief and rehabilitation.

To provide special assistance to poor and needy to celebrate religious and cultural festivals with pleasure and self-esteem.

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