Orphan Support Program

DDEF has been implementing orphan support program since inception in 2001 with the objective to improve the lives of the helpless orphan girls and boys through offering them different supports like personalized support for each individual orphan as well as institutional support meant for development of the orphans of the concerned orphanage. The overall objective of this program is to ensure welfare of the orphans who are deprived of the love and care of their father and often mother also.

Under Direct Orphan Support component, orphans are directly supported with financial assistance to cover their all expenses related to low-cost meals, clothing, cost of educational materials, cost of medicare, Eid gifts as well as other daily necessities etc. Under Orphanage Development Support component, financial assistance is offered to orphanages for building construction with allied facilies like toilet, dining spage, wadukhana, furniture, office equipment and so no.

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